The Paparazzi Advantage

The "Paparazzi Advantage"


You might be thinking, "I can't sell Paparazzi because I am not the "sales" kind of person!" What other reasons are there that you may think make selling hard?

Lets make a list!

- you lack courage

- to much commitment   

- time   

- skeptical  

                                              - competition  

                                              - costs  


                                             - your drive   

                                             - you don't want to be "pushy"


So now that we have covered the negative side of sales, we, as Independent Consultants have something called The Paparazzi Advantage! All those negative aspects of selling fly out the window!

Here are the reasons why selling Paparazzi has its Advantages!

- great product  

- can't beat that price!  

  - cash and carry business   

- huge selection   

- quality   

- new inventory often 

 - people WANT your product!                        

- no sales pitch!                                                  

                 - FREE Website where your customers can order from 24/7!                                  


Here are some other reasons a Paparazzi Business succeeds:

- Price -

most everyone can afford it!


- Demand -

women LOVE jewelry and accessories! They will always have new outfits to add accessories to!

- Profitable -

you make 45% comissions!


- Changes Lives -

not only can your life change by becoming a consultant, but those that buy your pieces can have a transformation! They can regain confidence and esteem!