Deb's Paparazzi Accomplishments

Deb's Paparazzi Accomplishments

I don't want to seem like I am bragging or full of myself...I am quite the opposite! I am very humbled and astonished at all that I have accomplished and been rewarded through my Paparazzi Accessories Business. I wanted to have a page that will show you what YOU can achieve with your own Paparazzi business! YOU....yes, YOU!!!! You can do it! I can help you achieve all this, if not more!


October 22, 2012 - Joined Paparazzi Accessories!!!

December 2012 - Became a Paparazzi Director! This is when you have at least 3 active consultants under you.

February 2013 - Became a Paparazzi Premier Director! This is have at least 3 active recruits with a team volume of over 3,000!

May 2013 - Advanced to the rank of Paparazzi Producer! This is when you have at least 3 active recruits with a team volume of over 12,000!


These are all the Producers! There aren't that many which just shows what great potential there is with this company!


Me on stage as a Producer!



August 2013 - Became 1 out of 5 Crown 25 Club Members. This means I had at least 25 active team members for 3 consecutive months. I was up there with the top consultant of Paparazzi! Crazy! I am on track for receiving the Crown 50 Club trophy!



Paparazzi loves to challenge their consultants with little friendly contests! These contests include all consultants in the company. It is fun to see updates each week on the Paparazzi Promotional blog! Here are some contests that I have won or have come pretty darn close to winning!

2nd Winner of the opportunity to be a Zi Collection Runway Model - The Zi Collection is a line of Paparazzi pieces that range from $10 - $15 and is only available at convention. I won the chance to walk the runway during convention and model one of the limited edition pieces! SO FUN!!!


                  This is the lovely group of other Zi Runway contest winners                Me struttin' my stuff on the runway!



1st Winner to Dine with the Elite - The Elite of Paparazzi are those consultants ranked Executive Producer and above. I won the opportunity to go to a fancy restaurant on the Las Vegas strip during convention and have dinner with those consultants and rub elbows with the Paparazzi Founders! I sat next to Misty Kirby during dinner and it changed my life!


Fall for Free Jewelry - This was a contest of who ever had the most consultants sing up with a starter kit won 100 free pieces of the new Fall line! I came in 2nd place with 29 recruits that month.

Paparazzi Passport Vacation - This is the company trip. This year it is a cruise! In order to sail for free you need to have at least 1600 points. I ended up with 3493.5!!! Enough for 3 free sailings!!! I on FIRST PLACE out of the whole company beating out the TOP 2 consultants in the WHOLE COMPANY! What an accomplishment! My husband and I will enjoy free airfare, free excursions, free cruise, and a free cabain uprade!! Ty and I are so blessed to be a part of this fantastic company and even more blessed with a wonderful and awesome team!!! We can not wait to see what 2014 brings our way!











December 2013 - Advanced to the rank of Executive Producer! This was my goal for over a year! There have been a lot of crying fests, frustration, and tons of doubt in myself in whether I could accomplish it. But I have grown sooo much from it. I am so thankful for the trials that, in the end, make us a better, stronger person. I am so honored to be among the Elite!




December 2013 -Became a member of the CROWN CLUB 50! To find out more about this exclusive honor, click HERE!


May 2014 - Invited and Attended Paparazzi's Leadership Retreat!