Go for NO!!!

Posted by Debbie Parkin - Paparazzi Accessories A-Lister - #11156 on 30th Mar 2017

Go for NO!!!

In the late 1800’s, the Klondike Gold Rush was in full production. Over 100,000 miners and would-be prospectors headed to Northwestern Canada, dreaming of the riches they’d find. The miners scoured the land looking for gold. They discovered it in rivers and hills, but the majority was found in the gravel beds of the valley.

As the digging began, huge mounds of dirt were piling up as people scavenged for the hidden treasure. As they sifted through the dirt, looking for a golden nugget, the dirt would fall back down over the area they had just uncovered. The dirt was keeping the miners from finding their gold.

The miners were determined to find a solution. After all, they weren’t about to let a little dirt stand between them and the riches they were seeking. They started by building sifters and eventually, they developed water systems that allowed the lighter dirt to float away as the heavier gold fell to the bottom. The success rate for the miners skyrocketed, and legends became reality as miners filled their pockets with the much-desired gold. All that had stood between the miners and their riches was a little bit of dirt.

One of the biggest struggles in any business is the fear of rejection. In Paparazzi, this fear manifests in the way we hold back from sharing the business opportunity it provides, inviting someone to host a party, or handing out a business card to a potential new customer. We avoid even asking because we fear that dreaded response of, “NO.”

We are in love with the word YES! This word - especially in business – is often equated with success. By contrast, if there was a single word out there that makes us feel just the opposite, it would be NO! These two simple words evoke two very different feelings. But it’s time you changed the way you feel about the word, NO.

Just like the gold diggers had to find a way to wash away the dirt to find their payload, you must find a way to wash away the NOs to find the YESes! The best way to do that is by changing the way you react to the word, NO. When you can make this shift, you will begin to have success in every aspect of your life.
What do you do when you hear NO? Do you allow the dirt to fill back in your hole by pulling back, feeling deflated or embarrassed? What do you do when someone says NO to Paparazzi? We have the power to change our reaction into a positive feeling! Don’t be mad that you have dirt hiding your gold, be happy that you have gold in your dirt. If you want a lot of gold, you will also have a lot of dirt!
Success is a process of getting a lot of NOs to find your YESes! NOs don’t mean you have a bad opportunity, product, or sales pitch, it simply means this great opportunity or product is not for that person. Good news is, there are plenty of YESes out in this great big world. It doesn’t matter the quality of the sales pitch or presentation, the key is to ask the question and start sifting through the NOs.

In an effort for you to get more comfortable with the word NO, challenge yourself to get 30 NOs within the week. These must be real NOs, not just quick, dismissive NOs. This is PRESENTING the opportunity to host a party or join your team and getting a solid NO! Not a “Let me think about it.” An actual “NO, I’m not interested.” Not an “I can’t this week, but I can in the future.” A “NO, I won’t do that.” This isn’t just asking random people; this is asking every potential Hostess or new team member if they want to have a party or start their business.

This is an opportunity for you to start mining for YESes. You are on a goldmine and all you have to do is sift through the dirt to find your gold. Focus on the goal of getting 30 NOs and REWARD YOURSELF for each one you receive. Every NO means you’ve tried. It means you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone. And it means you’ve just sifted through some dirt and you’re closer to the gold. Remember, the more dirt you sift through the more gold you find.

Our hope is that the more NOs you receive, the more you’ll find that the anticipation of rejection is often scarier than the NO itself. 

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