Paparazzi Website

I get asked all the time if consultants get a website?

YES! You do! For more information, CLICK HERE!

If you want a site that is more customizable, like the site you are on now here is some information:

So How do you get a site that you can customize?  I use BigCommerce.  The reason I picked BigCommerce is simple, its what my husband knew how to use :)  This is a paid for service, but I have been pleased with the ease of use and the ability to add the products to my Facebook Page:

If you are interested in trying BigCommerce they do offer a Free 15 day trial, no credit card needed, Click here for the trial  Prices start at $25/ month for up to 100 products on up to $150 / month for unlimited products.

If you don't want to pay for a site there are other options, I haven't used any of them, but here are some I have found if you are looking for free options:

Store Envy


With any website you sale products on you will need a way to collect payment.  I currently use Paypal Payments Pro.  Paypal does charge $30 / month for this service which allows you to take Paypal payments and Credit Card payments.  For those on my team my husband has a contact at Paypal who is able to waive the $30 monthly fee, so contact me if you would like his information :)