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At the Top!

Paparazzi Accessories does it again! They gave out gift certificates to the top leaders who had the most Personally Sponsored Consultants rank advance during the month of June. And guess who was at the top? ME!!!!!Can you believe it?! It is so crazy! So I will receive a $100 gift certificate to my favorite clothing store [...]

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How would you like to AMAZE your friends with a necklace that can be worn in more then 5 different ways??!!!And how would you like to WIN that necklace??!!!Even better!DebsJewelryShop.com is giving away ONE GOLD and ONE SILVER Scarf Necklace to ONE lucky winner.And it is SIMPLE to enter!FIRST - Click the "SHARE" button on the top [...]

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What does Yoga and Paparazzi have in common? A lot!!!

I have recently started to exercise in order to get "buff" and also relieve some stresses and have some "me" time (which doesn't happen very often with 4 boys!)Today I did a great Yoga class. I love Yoga because it is calm, relaxing, soothing, but it also provides a great workout! I consider myself a [...]

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Mother of BOYS!

   I am the mother of FOUR BOYS!!! Yes, you read it right! FOUR BOYS!!!I get asked all the time "When is that girl going to come?" or "You really need to have a girl!" Ummmmm..... NO I DON'T!!!I am more then happy to not have any girls! Sure, I went through a time when [...]

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Free Jewelry?!!!

It's true, you can earn FREE jewelry! And even better, you can earn it right from your couch! The latest Paparazzi craze is Face Book parties! It is an easy and fun way to earnfree jewelry and share the great Paparazzi $5 price with all your friends and family! For more information please click here.  

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                                                     I LOVE my website and I am SOOO excited to have a BLOG on it!This is a place where I can just write what I am feeling and hopefully give you a better insight into me and what it's like to be a Paparazzi Independent Consultant!I will be sharing my crafts, my likes, my [...]

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Reasons to become a Paparazzi Consultant

The Top Ten Reasons to Become a Paparazzi Consultant!   1 - You will receive 45% - earn $25 TO $50 an hour! You buy the jewelry for $2.75 and sell it for $5.   2 - There is still a chance to get on the ground floor of this exciting, fast growing company! You could even be the [...]

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